Starting to Paint Professionally

This website is set up to give guidelines to Artists who would like to start painting professionally no matter what level they are at.  The areas I will cover are the usual hurdles every artist has to come up against.

It will be an ongoing process to provide updated information and I am always open to suggestions from you.

This Website will cover:

  • Applying to a Gallery
  • Auctions
  • Business Card / Brochure / Website
  • Framing
  • Pricing
  • Preparing the Canvas / Treating the Finished Piece
  • Signing your work
  • Style / Naming your Painting

and many more……………..


If you have decided to become a professional artist then you are providing a product that should be original which makes the marketing of that product even more important.

Once you are creating a painting or art product to sell you are not looking at the market and seeing what is needed;  you are actually making a product then trying to get the market to like and want it.   With this in mind; the painting, title and your details are all part of what people are buying into, so it is important to make sure you are providing the whole package.